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I have always hated “about” pages. Who is comfortable talking about themselves? But I have always wanted to write my own obituary – so here goes.
At the core of my being – you will find Jesus. But I am far from perfect. My entire life falls under the heading of “Grace”. Grace is something you cannot earn, cannot buy and do not deserve. It is a gift – without the ability to EVER pay back. Grace is the unmerited favor of God.
When I read and study the Bible, I am led to describe myself through the people in the Bible. So let me start there:

I am Adam – formed by God from dirt to have fellowship with Him.
I am Noah – crazy Noah who built an Ark despite the mocking of his friends.
I am Jacob – wrestling with God – Yes I argue and debate with the Creator of the Universe. That is the relationship that we have. It is also being transparent with God. I mean really, why hide things from God when He knows me so well? Who am I kidding?
I am David – the Warrior for God who desires a heart after God’s own heart. And yes I am David whose sin with Bathsheba and subsequent murder of her husband is told in 2 Samuel Chapter 11. David was real – a man who loved God yet still was human. I am not making an excuse for his sins – because I make none for my own – but this man LOVED God. And God loved Him.
I am Simon Peter – impetuous, always running ahead of others, proud yet the Rock which Jesus built His church on. I love Simon Peter. This man I can relate to. Denying Jesus three times and then boldly proclaiming the good news that God Loves you.
I am John the Baptist – unconventional, strange, odd, firely, yet fulfilling his purpose in proclaiming the coming of the Lord.
I am John the disciple – the lover of Jesus. Showing us how a man can be tender and full of Love.
I am Paul – educated – yet humble. An incredible man who God pursued just like He pursued you and me.
But uniquely, I am just rider. God made me because He loved me even before I took one breath of life.
You are all this too. If you let God have your life. God will not change exactly who He made you to be – but He will change your heart and clean up those dark places in your life. Where there is the Light, darkness cannot exist.
Everything else I am is second. Yes, I am a father of 3 wonderful children – one of which is mentally handicapped. Yes, I am a son, a brother, and a friend. But the most important part of me – when all the layers are peeled back – is Jesus. Nothing else is more important for you to see or know about me.
Only by the Grace and Mercy of God,


5 Responses to “WHO I AM”

  1. I love that!!! That was so beautifully put and the glory goes to God. Ride on “Rider” smile

  2. Psalm 103:20 Bless the Lord,ye his angles,that excel in strength,that do His comandments,hearkening unto the voice of His Word.
    Yes how well we come to understand “David” the author of Psalms :103
    The very same love of Jesus,you share,Brother!

  3. A close friend from our church, who my wife and I call our # three daughter sent me you address. I am so thankful tha she has. she is dear gal whose husband’s funeral I had several years ago.Her son , now at college has followed the Lord and is a fine boy which my wife and have also included in our family. I’m 79 yrs young,Rider, and after spending 14 years as an non-uniformed agent for Uncle, left that life returned for more credit and have been serving our Lord now for over 40 years. (part of that 40 years was spent as a research engineer as i mentoned. So serves the world and God (!) at hte same time until SE Asia was over.

    Please keep up the fine work. I will enjoy your site.

    In His Service,

    Pastor Ted

  4. Dear Rider,

    Thank you for sharing your heart for Jesus, the Master & Creator of the Universe. Only a special man can put his words on page and show forth the Light of our Heavenly Father. He calls us Beloved, His own. He gave name to your soul.

    Standing up with sword in hand for the sake of the Cross, as a Rebel for the Cause, has awesome rewards. Battle on!


  5. Rider,

    I think you are the most incredible man I have ever met. Your passion for our Lord is your most remarkable attribute. I will love you as Christ loves the church. I will believe in you even when you can’t. I will walk through the joys and trials that each new morning brings.

    We serve the God of the impossible. The journey has begun and I am safe by your side. Hold on to me and I’ll hold you right back.

    You, Rider, are the one for me. Your HD

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