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To Mom and Dad Lucarelli

Your Tina and Mine

Your Tina and Mine

I wish I could have met you. Tina tells me all the stories, I have watched the videos and seen the pictures which give me a glimpse into who you were and what your values were.  All I know is that Tina is the product of your love and her ideals and value system is rooted in her upbringing.

If I could talk to you, here is what I would say:  You would be proud of how your little Tina baby turned out. Her life is not what any parent would wish -no parent wants their child to suffer, especially in her marriage.  But she is strong and courageous.   The scars are healing from her first marriage and her sacrifice took a toll on her trusting others.  But she is an amazing person, a wonderful mother and a loving wife.

I met your Tina about 18 months ago.  I was healing from a previous relationship and she was too.  I had given up on dating and decided to concentrate on my daughter and my boys.  She had gone the route of dating and was pretty much finished with it too.

Then we met.  Gosh she was so concerned about my background so I had her check me out with my ex-in-laws (how many men can give their ex-in-laws as references!) and with my parents.  I guess I came out ok cause now we are married!

I fell in love with her in late 2007 and am more in love with her every day since then.

I know she misses you terribly.  I cannot fathom what it will be like losing either of my parents but I did see how my boys suffered when they lost their mother 6 years ago.  I love to hear her reminisce about the times she had with you when she was the last one left at home.  I know these memories are bitter sweet since she misses you so very much.

What I would also tell you is that I love her and will do everything I can to be the wind beneath her wings and put a smile on her face every day.  I do know that she loves me more than a man deserves and I will do all I can to live up to that.

I do not know if you know how you have influenced her in her life.  Your Tina today has the heart and beauty of you mom and the business sense of you dad. She has the family tradition that you bestowed upon your children and we do all we can to enjoy our Italian heritage as a family.  The wine flows in this house nightly.  I just wish you were here to “salute” with us.

Yes she has an Italian last name again and she is proud of it.  The girls want it too and we will do what we need to do to accomplish that at the right time.

Rest well mom and dad.  Know that your little girl Tina is an incredible woman whom you would be very proud of.  I know I am.

She is the love of my life forever. And she is happy.  That is all a parent wants for their children.

I promise not to let you down.  Thank you for bringing Tina into this world.

RiderforJC – A blessed follower of Jesus Christ by the Grace of God

UPDATE:  5/2010

Mom and Dad Lucarelli – Tina just completed her third semester at Bluegrass college – second semester in a row with straight “A”‘s.  She will be entering nursing school in less than a year now with a goal of an ASN then a BSN degree.  She is still flying like that butterfly – I am blowing as hard as I can!  🙂


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