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God Answers Prayers!


Praying with your Best Friend

Praying with your Best Friend

Some people question whether or not God answers prayers.  I have heard it said that God gives three answers in prayers:  Yes, No and Wait.  God I hate the “wait” answer.  I would prefer to get the “NO” answer smacked upside my head than the “WAIT” answer.  I have no patience for waiting – yeah I know patience is a fruit of the spirit  but not all fruit give one the pleasure one seeks – try the durian fruit of Asia.  It smells like rotten eggs or decaying flesh.  So it is with patience with me.  It just fit well with my personality.  

Enough about patience.  Let’s talk about prayer.  These days I am blessed to be able to pray with my best friend – my wife Tina.  I admit though that we do not do this as much as we would like to – try raising 3 special needs kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat and trying to maintain sanity by fishing whenever possible.  Yet there is something so special when you pray with your best friend.  It is like the stars align – you are in complete agreement with what you are praying for.  I believe prayers like this are powerful.  I cannot be selfish in prayer when I am praying with Tina because my focus is off of me and on her and her needs.  I love praying with her and for her.  I love asking God to take care of our children and give us the wisdom to raise them.

The little boy in the picture above is praying with his best friend – and both are praying hard.  The boy may be praying for that new bike and the dog for a new bone – but nevertheless, God hears them.  

Thank you Tina for praying with me.  I treasure you as my wife and my best friend.

RiderforJC – A man blessed by God only by His Grace and Mercy


2 Responses to “God Answers Prayers!”

  1. Hi My Rider4jc,

    You are absolutely right, prayer is a wonderful opportunity for us to get before God. When you and I pray together it is like we are presenting ourselves, made one in marriage, to a Holy God who yearns to hear the aroma of our praise, the depth of our love and the needs in our lives.

    Humbling ourselves before the Great I Am is the most precious part of my relationship with you. Before we met we prayed together on the phone, after we fell in love we prayed together on the phone and in person, and now as a married couple we must make our united prayer a priority. You always say, the way you got her is the way you will keep her…well, do you still believe that?

    When you wrap your arms around me and hold me tight and you pray, I know that there is nothing better than this in my life. Your arms feel like the arms of God and your contrite words breathe new life into my heart. It is like God makes his physical and spiritual presence through your body as you hold me. We are truly in the arms of God. As one we say, “here we are Lord”, bruised and battered, worried and scared and exhausted and weary but still trusting you with a steadfast faith. We only ask The Lord God, our Father, for a morsel of our daily bread to sustain us as we travel the road he has laid out for us each new day.

    I love you Scott, you are a man after God’s own heart and the love of my life…No one has ever loved me the way that you do.

    I can hardly wait till we dance tonight. Friday night date night with you is the most important day of the week all year long. I love all the close embraces and warm kisses. You know how to keep the fire burning baby.

    Your Tina, hd

  2. Oh yes,
    I wanted to also tell you that I absolutely love this picture of the boy and his canine best friend praying together. Smart kid, unlike a prayer partner, the boys confession of sins to God are safe with this best friend.
    I love you more this hour than the last hour and less than the next.

    Your baby girl

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