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The Price of Freedom


May It Ever Fly

May It Ever Fly

There are many things we take for granted.  Unfortunately, many times there things are the most valuable to us.  Like our family, spouse, children, job, friends, salvation, and freedom.

Freedom.  We accept it without question.  If it is threatened, we rebel loudly and with force.  But that very freedom we enjoy did not cost us anything.  But it was not free.  There is always a price to be paid for something so valuable – so priceless.  I write this knowing that no one can really stop me from speaking what I believe.  Yet in many countries (and soon maybe even this one), this freedom does not exist without a price.  That price may be loss of status, caning, imprisonment or even death. I have no fear of any of that because of the price that was paid by others – like my father in WW II, friends in Korea and Vietnam, and those young boys and girls in the service today.  The Bible tells us to “count the cost”.  

So today, I count the cost of the freedom I have, the freedom I enjoy, the freedom I will defend for my family, and the freedom that I pray that I will never take for granted but treasure it as a gift from God to serve others.

To those who served and those who are serving – Thank you.

RiderforJC – A follower of Jesus Christ by the Grace of God


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