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Even an Old Dog Can Still Learn


Just an Old Dog

Just an Old Dog


Last night I learned something.  I learned that I did not know everything.  I know what you are thinking – what an amazing revelation.  But I consider myself an old dog and it is hard for an old dog to learn.  I mean really, what don’t I already know that is important.  

But last night, my Tina (thats the better part of me if you don’t already know) showed me how insensitive I can be.  Damn i hate that.  The last person I would ever want to hurt is her.  I can get so engrossed in doing things (this time it was posting responses to a news blog), that I forget to be sure to do the important things first.  Thank God I have Tina to gently correct me 🙂 

Even this old dog makes mistakes (ok mistake – singular!).  Enjoy it cause I don’t do this often!  

I mean really.  The last time I made a mistake was in not moving to Kentucky from California sooner.  And that mistake was almost a year ago. God knows I have had plenty of occasions to make mistakes with the risks I take and the pressure cooker I seem to thrive in.  But alas, it is like a blue moon (have anyone ever really seen one of these?)

So today I thank my precious wife Tina for correcting this old dog.  It probably won’t be the last time in our marriage that she has to correct me.  Really is the husband ever right when it comes to being sensitive to a wife’s needs?  

I blame God on this.  He formed her.  And without my input. The nerve.

So today I gladly acknowledge my mistake and beg forgiveness from the woman I love.  I would beg like a dog but that would only get me a scooby snack and a pat on the head.

RiderforJC – An old dog who continues to learn by the Grace of God


2 Responses to “Even an Old Dog Can Still Learn”

  1. Hello My Mr. Almost Perfect All of the time,

    You are so funny. It is really difficult to admit but in most situations, okay almost all situations you are right. Your blog reminds me of the song “must be doin’ something right” by Billy Currington. You are definately doing things right, “I just heard her sigh, lean into my kiss, I Look into those deep GREEN need you eyes. I don’t know what I did to earn a love like this, but baby, I, must be doin’ something right”…” I know what you did and still do every day. You are my best friend, lover, husband and our kids Dad, that makes you Perfect for me. Oh yes, that sexy little grin you have, still makes me shutter every time.

    Thank you for your loving request for me to forgive you…Absolutely, I forgive you. It is so easy to forgive the most wonderful, giving, loving, passionate, compassionate, intelligent and romantic man i have ever known…That’s you BIG DOG. In my eyes you are perfect, my gift from God. Sorry God is using you to bless me and adding to the chaos of your life. God must think you are really patient or crazy to bring you a wife with three daughters. Even though you are sorely outnumbered by 3 girls, me, a female cat, a female dog and a neutered male dog, you still hold it together and love me like there is no tomorrow. How do you do it? You are still very manly in spite of the emotionally female environment you call home.

    Keep up the good work and you might get an all day free fishing pass Saturday…Is that forgiveness or what?…You are the most wonderful part of me and you are my everything.

    Your Baby Girl

    P.S. I know how to help the wife who tried to get her husband to stay home and not go fishing by putting his fishing pole into the trash compactor. All she needs to do is spray the fishing box, poles and bait in Mary Kay Pink. If that doesn’t work, go fishing with him!!! I love you my fisher of men!!!

  2. Wow it worked. I am forgiven and I get a day off for fishing. God does love me!
    And Baby Girl, you never cease to amaze me with your love. Thank you for putting up with this old dog!

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