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I am Back!!!

Wow, it has been a long time since I wrote.  So much has happened in the past year.  As I last wrote, I met a wonderful woman on Christian Cafe.  After giving up on dating due to some less-than-wonderful experiences, God stepped in and gave me Tina.  And in the same way, He gave me to her. 

Tina and I were married on May 22, 2008 in Kentucky under the most green trees I have seen. It was a memorable day as our children witnessed our love for each other, brought to life by our incredible God.

Every day is a honeymoon.  Tina and I view each day as a gift from God.   Our children are happy; we make sure that we also spend time alone with each other.  “Date nights” every Friday night put a new meaning on TGIF!!

Life is good.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

God has brought me full circle.  From the pits of pain and despair to excitement and never-ending love.  Truly I am a blessed man.

More to come soon.  May you be touched by our incredible God today!!

I remain always,
RiderforJC – a follower of Jesus Christ by the Grace of God


One Response to “I am Back!!!”

  1. Hey Rider !! This is TLIMRAS and TORRY !!! We got married this year too !! 10th May 2008 in New Zealand !! Congratulations on your wedding !! God Is Good … Miracles do happen and we are enjoying his abundant blessings !!!

    All the best to you and Tina, and your family !!

    Torry & Kiri

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