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I am writing this blog with incredible joy and peace in my heart.  After years of prayer, absolute non-patience, and pain – and only after I gave up – God gave me an incredible gift – my heart’s desire.

So today:

I want to shout it from the rooftops!!

I want to declare it to every living creature!!

I want to share this joy with the world!!!

I want anyone and everyone to know this:


For some of you who have known me for the past months, this will not be a surprise.  For others, it will be a complete shock.  Many will wonder if I compromised, if I am overlooking faults and red flags, if I am being impetuous in this decision.

I know her faults – she says she is not perfect, but I sure cannot see anything that isn’t perfect for me. There are no red flags (and trust me, I know a red flag now when I see one and I usually run fast!), and I was cautious in developing a relationship with this person.  I know her heart and it is a pure heart from God.

Let me share with you who she is:

She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met.  This, in no way, is meant to slight any other woman I know. But she is so wonderful to me that it literally takes my breath away and makes me speechless.  If you know me, I am never speechless so this should be telling you something is going on!

She knows, and I mean KNOWS, our Lord Jesus.  Her relationship with Jesus is beyond mine.  Her trust in Him challenges mine.  Her prayer life is one to be envied by all.  She loves God with all her heart, mind, and soul.  He will always be #1 in her life as He should be.  I have said before, there is nothing more attractive than a woman who loves Jesus with all her heart.  She is that woman.

She is an amazing mother.  Her challenges exceed mine in that she has 3 special needs children.  I only have one.  If you know me, you know that the challenge and opportunity to raise special children is my calling.  So this should not be a surprise to any that I would share that responsibility willingly.   Her children adore her and she is raising them in the fear of the Lord. 

She loves my daughter Lisa.  More importantly, she accepts her as her own.  This love can only come from God Himself.  I cannot explain in words what it means to me for her to love and accept my Lisa as her own.  I won’t even try.  If you are a parent, you have a rough idea of what I mean.

She is a giver.  From the first time we met, she has given back to me more than I have given her.  My past relationships were never like this.  In fact, I never knew a woman like her existed.  The more I give to her, the more I get back.  This is how love should be.

She does not need me – but rather she wants me in her life.  I have always been a rescuer – she does not need to be rescued, she simply needs to be loved and to love.  What an incredible peace it is in my heart to know that I am wanted – not for what I can do or give – but for who I am. 

She is beautiful.  I can honestly say that, in my eyes and heart, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen or will ever see.  Her smile shames the sunrise.  Her laughter is infectious and genuine.  Her words are always seasoned for the right situation.  In her eyes, I see a depth of love that draws me ever closer and makes me pull down the walls around my heart. 

She is passionate.  You know I love passion.  Passion about life, about love, about her children and about her Lord.  God wants us to be passionate – for that fire to burn for His glory and for His work.  Her passion is an ever-burning flame that no one can extinguish.  She loves His creation, she loves the laughter of children, she loves old people and she loves me. 

She loves me….wow, I never knew love like this existed before.  I feel 16 again.  There is a jump in my step, a thrill in my words, and an excitement for what God is going to do in the future. 

She is a gift from God.  I do not believe in chance.  I believe in God’s hand.  I will not go into how we met, the circumstances, the divine appointment we both had to be at the right place at the right time.  But just know this, we had both given up on relationships and there was probably a window of opportunity of less than 5 minutes.  This was a divine appointment.  Nothing could convince me otherwise.  I have seen God work in this manner before – it is His modus operandi – to eliminate any appearance of human effort or “chance”.  This was all Him.

So today, I announce that I am deeply (ok and somewhat madly but in a good way) in love with an incredible woman named Tina Marie.

She is my heart’s desire and I praise God for His Grace upon my life for her.

Tina – my heart’s desire – I love you. 



  1. Scott,
    I am so blessed to hear this awesome news. Thank you so much for standing on the roof tops & declaring your love. I trust that you and Tina Marie will be blessed with everything our Lord has to offer. I rejoice with you both, as do all the angels in heaven! Praise God for His everlasting love for us!!! He is faithfulness. Praise Him on the roof tops!!!

    Your Sis in Christ,

  2. Hey Brother,
    Just wanted to make sure you know how happy I am for you! I know you have waited for a long time to find Tina and now God has blessed you with a beauty! He never ceases to amaze me with His grace and out pouring of Love.

    Love you Bro,


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