The ramblings of a man touched by God


Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4 NASB)

God knows me so very well. Before there is a word on my lips, He knows them. He knows my thoughts, my actions and my motives.
He loved me at my worst condition and loves me exactly the same at my best.

And He knows my heart.
And the desires of my heart.

My heart’s desire is to, first and foremost, be pleasing to Him.
And my heart’s desire is to love and be loved by the one He created just for me.
Like Eve was created just for Adam, He created my heart’s desire just for me.

She is mine to walk with through this life. To be faithful for Him in telling –and more importantly – in showing the lost the love of God found in Jesus Christ. She is there to love and be loved; to explore the wondrous creation of our incredible God with; to delve into the mysteries of God and come to a deeper and radical trust in God.

I once said that no one could ever love as deeply as I do given how God has enlarged my heart in my life.
But I was wrong.
She will.

She will love her children with an undying love; and love her family and friends with a fierce loyalty; and she will love me with passion that only matches mine for her.

In the tender arms of my heart’s desire, my heart will finally find what it has searched years for…

Its home.

RiderforJC – A follower of Jesus Christ by the Grace of God


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