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God works with me in strange ways. Maybe that’s why I am so strange. I see times in my life where everything pointed to learning grace. These days are spent learning about love. So here is another post on love…..

Love is a verb.
It lives, it breathes, it moves. There is no such thing as stagnant love. Stagnant love is known as apathy. And that is no kind of love at all.

Sometimes, love is one-sided. You are loved and you accept that love without returning it. Or you love and your love is not returned back. Yeah this hurts. I have felt this kind of “rejection” much lately. Some people just cannot accept love or return it. But I still love. Sometimes love just plain hurts. Sometimes love cries. Sometimes love is so painful that you just can’t take it. Yet God showed me how to love, it is in this:

God loved me before I knew how to love Him back.

We love because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19 NASB)

So even before I accepted the Love of God, He still loved me. He loved me knowing full well that I would reject His love for me.
But God did not stop loving me.
Rather, He pursued me.
He never gave up on me.
We sing about amazing Grace, but this pursuing Love is so amazingly incredible.

From the parable of the prodigal son, we see this amazing love in action:

When he was still a long way off, his father saw him, and felt compassion for him, and ran and embraced him and kissed him (Luke 15:20 NASB)

The verb called love: it sees, it feels, it runs, it touches and it kisses.
And in all this, it also forgives.

God pursued me. He saw me in my worst condition. He felt love and compassion for me. Knowing I was weak and weary of the load I was carrying. God ran to me. Took me in His loving arms and held me. Kissed my head and told me He loved me. And God forgave me.

You see, Love pursues. Love never gives up.

Love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13:8 NASB)

You cannot buy love. You cannot even earn it. Love, is like the wind. You cannot contain it, sometimes you do not even know from which direction it comes. It cannot be harnessed. It cannot be quenched. Love is the strongest human emotion we have been given.

Put me as a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm. For love is as strong as death, Jealousy as severe as Sheol. Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the Lord.
Many waters cannot quench love, nor will rivers overflow it. If a man were to give all the riches of his house for love, it would be utterly despised.
(Song of Solomon 8:6-7 NASB)

What is so incredible about God’s love for me is that the more I accept His love, the more He gives me. God never runs out of love. And when I am faithless in returning that love, He is faithful to continue to give it to me.

And once in a great while, you find someone who emulates that love from God. Someone who is so full of God’s love that they give back as much and more than you give to them. And you know, without a doubt, that this person loves God with all their heart. Because only a person who is filled with God’s love can love that way. Only a person filled with God’s love can have that much love in them.

I know where my capacity to love comes from. God expanded my heart through my daughter Lisa. She is so full of His love that it just overflows from her in spontaneous joy.
And that love from her fills me up. Beyond measure. Beyond reason. Beyond comprehension.

God cleaned out my life recently as I wrote about earlier. I believe I now know the reason. Only time will tell if I am right. Like Abraham offering up his beloved Isaac, I laid everything dear to me at the foot of the cross recently.

And then, after I have given up all, God laid out a path for me, lit by His Word, illuminated by His love, and with a trail of breadcrumbs for me to follow.

He knows me way too well. God knows I cannot resist pursuing love.
Got to go.
It is my time to see,
It is my time to feel,
It is my time to run,
It is my time to touch,
And it is my time to kiss.

Sound the trumpet, the pursuit is on……

RiderforJC- a follower of Jesus Christ by the Amazingly Incredible Love of God


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